Simple Skirt with Ruffled Bottom Tutorial

This ruffled bottom skirt is an order from a friend in Kendari, South East Sulawesi. It is modified from my simple skrit tutorial. I just added a ruffled combination fabric at the bottom of the skirt.


Simple Skirt with Ruffled Bottom

I cut the contrasting fabric with a width of 15 cm in and length doubled the circumference of the bottom skirt. Fold the fabric into two, with the bad side facing each other so that the width into 7.5 cm. Ruffled the fabric and adjust the length into the circumference of the bottom skirt. Lay the skirt flat, line up the raw edges of the ruffle and the skirt.  Pin and sew the ruffles to the skirt.  Just sew right over the gathering stitch.  Finish this seam and iron flat so the finished seam is pointing towards the top of the skirt. Flip the skirt right side out and top stitch along the top of the ruffle.

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