Superhero Cape

It is funny when Hasan saw a superhero cape picture in pinterest then he want me to make a similar cape for him. He was constantly asked about the cape for several days. “Mom, has the cape finished yet?” He asked me again and again and I ended up buying a cheap black fabric at the central market. As I expected, when the cape is already finished, Hasan immediately put it on, running around and use it to get around the housing complex.

This superhero cape is very easy to make. We do not need to make any pattern. All we need to do is to fold the fabric as per instruction to cut out the inverted scallop edging and the collar.

Materials :

  • Black fabric : 1.5 m
  • Small piece of yellow fabric for superhero logo
  • Velcro or a snap button

superhero cape 1

Pre-wash, dry and iron the black satin fabric prior starting the project. it can prevent a bad project results due to shrinkage of the fabric. Cut a rectangular fabric with a side length corresponding to the length of the cape

superhero cape 2

Fold the fabric down diagonally and turn into a triangle shape.

superhero cape 3

Fold the bottom edge up and align to the top edge. Fold it down again to get a narrower triangle. You might need some fabric weight to hold the folds down as it will tend to unfold itself due to the thickness.

superhero cape 4

Place a plate, facing down, at the bottom of the cape. Trace the curve with chalk. Pin near to the tracing line to secure all layers of fabric before take away the plate. Trim along the tracing line, make sure to cut all layers at once in a right alignment.

superhero cape 7

if the whole fabric is opened, then the result will look like the image above.

superhero cape 5

Fold back the cloth so that there are two layers. Mark 2″ from the flat edge on the top end of the cape. Create curved lines with half size hollow neck. Cute the collar curve and the tie ends. Set aside.

superhero cape 6

Make a superhero logo with a yellow background or in accordance with your own creations. Here I make oval-shaped logo with the letter H in black (derived from the name of Hasan) in the middle of the black

superhero cape 8

Sew around the yellow base with yellow sewing thread to stitch in on the cape.

Place the cape onto the same black fabric with right side facing each other, follow the same fabric grain lines. Sew around and leave opening for turning right side out. Cut away the access fabric and clip the seam allowance on the curve sites. Turn the cape right side out from the opening and adjust the seam lines accordingly. Slip stitch to close the opening and top stitch near the edge around.

Attach the velcro fastener or the snap button on the collar tie in overlapping pattern. The Superhero Cape is done and it is ready for the action!



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