What kind of sewing machine do you use?

I sew on a black singer classic. This sewing machine was a gift from my father, a few days before he died. Therefore, it has very special memories for me. Although the shape is old-fashioned and has only one seam type, this machine is actually a formidable machine, the whole body and the engine is made of iron. I also have a serger singer 14SH754.

Where do you buy your fabric?

I love to buy fabric at little local shops because I love touching the fabric and looking at all of my options. Nevertheless, I buy most of my fabric online. This can be daunting because fabric shopping is so tactile thing, but after you’ve placed a few small orders, you’ll start to get a feel for what to like and which sources are reliable. Here is my general list of my favorite online fabric shop.

How do you have time to sew and craft while raising a family?

I sew when the kids have gone to bed. Only about an hour each day. Although sometimes late into the night because of being lulled with the project.