Denim Overall Tutorial

denim overall

I was not productive enough to sew on this December. Somehow, my time spent on blog walking and find sewing tutorials and gardening tips for my gardening blog. This overall is the second item that I made in this month, in addition to superhero cape that I have written in a previous tutorial. I sew … [Read more…]

Superhero Cape

superhero cape 0

It is funny when Hasan saw a superhero cape picture in pinterest then he want me to make a similar cape for him. He was constantly asked about the cape for several days. “Mom, has the cape finished yet?” He asked me again and again and I ended up buying a cheap black fabric at … [Read more…]

Cushion with Flutterby Quilt

flutterby quilt cushion

There are quite a lot of scraps that I have. Most come from fabric scraps when I received orders to sew praying clothes. I want to use the fabric to make small pillowcase . As a guide, I saw some tutorials to make the quilt, and the choice fell on flutterby quilt tutorial made by … [Read more…]